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China neemt vandaag een belangrijke plaats in het wereldgebeuren in. Mensen die vertrouwd zijn met de Chinese taal en cultuur zijn onmisbaar in de professionele wereld!

Wil jij hier deel van uitmaken, dan is de opleiding sinologie wellicht iets voor jou?


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Hieronder vind je alvast ons introductiefilmpje.

26-02-2019 Gastcollege 'Béatrice L'Haridon (Université Paris Diderot): Kang Youwei: Modernity and interpretation of the Chinese Classics. The commentary on the "Evolution of Rites"'
05-03-2019 Gastcollege 'Albert Welter (University of Arizona): Integrating Buddhism into Chinese Culture or How Did Buddhism Become Chinese? Buddhist Junzi (法門君子) & The Administration of Buddhism'
12-03-2019 Gastcollege 'Kristina Garalyte (Vilnius University): Student political mobilization in South Asia'
19-03-2019 Gastcollege 'Beatrix Mecsi (Eötvös Loránd University Budapest): Bodhidharma and the Lonely Saint in the Context of Representations of Arhats in East Asia'
26-03-2019 Gastcollege 'Hans Martin Krämer (Heidelberg University): Pan-Asianism as an Anti-Secularist Imaginary: Transnational Activists between India, Japan, and Europe'
02-04-2019 Lezing 'Angelika Koch (Universiteit Gent): Sexuality, Health and Body in Early Modern Japan'
23-04-2019 Gastcollege 'Ram Prasad Bhatt (University of Hamburg): Central Himalayan Cultural Traditions: Vulnerability and Resilience'
30-04-2019 Gastcollege 'Steffi Weil (Antwerp Management School): The Significance of Chinese Societal Ideas and Interests for Challenging the Liberal World Order'
07-05-2019 Lezing 'Sander Hens (Universiteit Gent): Indian Poetry in Global Perspective: History, Tragedy and Playfulness in a Sanskrit Court Epic'
14-05-2019 Gastcollege 'Jan Schmidt (KULeuven): 'Space of Experience' and its Consequences: A Mediated War, Unstable Economic Growth and the Resulting 'Horizon of Expectations''