Nieuws en voorbije activiteiten

Kanazawa-Ghent Young Researcher Workshop
Tuesday 6.2.2018 (Blandijnberg 2, 5th floor)

9:30 Welcome note by Shimura Megumi and Andreas Niehaus

9:45 Arai, Eriko: Preservation Efforts of Japanese Traditional Craft and the Movement of Products Development

10:00 Honjo, Yuki: The Change of Images in Medieval Christian World: Focusing on the Nativity in Cappadocian Churches and the Surrounding Area

10:15 Kasahara, Tomoyo Stone tools in the Neolithic Near East

10:30 Meladze, Tamar Reconstruction in the World Heritage Context and the Impacts of Granting and Removing a World Heritage Status: Case Study in Georgia

10:45-11:15 COFFEE BREAK

11:30 Deneckere, Mick: Japanese True Pure Land Buddhism, the Meiji Restoration and the first Japanese Buddhist Mission to Europe

11:45 Oguchi, Ayumi: Images of Uho Doji - Acceptance and Diffusion

12:00: Zou, Ang: "Cross the sea from Japan to China: some thoughts on the impact of the bringing back of the Buddhist disciplinary works"

12:15 Toyohara, Masaharu: Transition of Decorative Columns in Medieval Western India
12:30 – 14:00 LUNCH BREAK

14:00-14:15 Cetinel, Süreyya The U.S.-Japan Security Alliance: Negotiating the Reversion of Okinawa

14:15-14:30 Lies Segerink: Japan's campaign for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council

14:30-14:45 Jonas Dedeyne: Abe Shinzô and the Reform of Article 9.

14:45-15:00 Arno Ceriez: Migration and Japanese identity.

15:15-15:45 Coffee Break

15:45-16:00 Lisda, Nurjaleka: Contrastive Study Between Japanese and Indonesian Regarding Aizuchi Behavior in Interview Discourse

16:15-16:30 Tomizu Kayo: The Chase ~Representations of chasers in American cinema~

16:30-16:45 Zhu, Xiaoxia: The Consideration about the Role of The Agricultural Cooperative in the Management of Tea Industry in China

16:45-17:00 Tine Walravens: Trust-makers or Trust-breakers? Governmental responses to food safety incidents in Japan


International Workshop:

Cultivating the Body: Martial Arts and Sports as Physical Education 


More information: LINK


Bewegende Körper / Bodies in Motion, 3. Jahrestagung der Kulturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft (KWG)

Thursday-Saturday 16.-18.11.2017

More information: LINK


Paradigms of Change in Modernising Asia and America



Japanese-Language Proficiency Test JLPT IN GHENT IN DECEMBER!!!!

Information and Application


We have been awarded a Fulbright Specialist Scholarship and Jon Davidann from Hawaii Pacific University will stay with us in Ghent during the next term. Thanks Francesco for all your work!!!


Asahi Shimbun Kikuzo


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Yomidasu Rekishikan

Lecture: On the Aesthetics of Kitarō Nishida - Remarks on possible encounters between zen and contemporary aesthetics.

Who? Prof. Enrico Fongaro (Tohoku Daigaku)
When? Wednesday 14.12., 16:00
Where? Blandijnberg 2, 5th floor.


Lecture: Developments in Postwar Japanese Economy 

Who? Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Öztürk, University of Duisburg-Essen (Institute of Asian Studies)

When? Monday 15.5.2017, 9-10:30

Where? Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Gent, Aud. B

Call for Papers Conference: Paradigms of Change in Modern Asia and America (October 2017)

For topic see:

We welcome abstracts for applications of 400-500 words. A biographical note should also be included, listing position held, fellowships and grants received and major publications. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is July 20th, 2017. Candidates will be informed by August 15th, 2017 and should confirm their participation by September 1st. Paper presentations should not exceed 25 minutes and will be followed by 15 minutes of discussion. No complete paper is to be delivered before the conference takes place. (Main organizer: Francesco Campagnola)


(Japanese knowledge required (MA - BA 3 level)

MAY 8, 2017, 11.30 – 13.00 –Blandijn 160.15

This workshop will focus on a translation of "Hikari no Ryu" (Dragon of Light), a children’s picture book dealing with the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant (2011). In the book, Ono draws on Japanese religious concepts such as kami, as well as sociological ideas such as soto and uchi, in explaining why Japan could or did not prevent the Fukushima accident. In the workshop, the students will be guided towards an English translation of the book, while also addressing the Japanese media coverage about and public responses to the triple disaster and its aftermath until today. 

Miyuki Ono (1985, Tokyo) is a Keio University graduate in French literature, who now works as a freelance writer, essayist and columnist. Her debut, the essay collection "Life from wound" (Kizu kara jinsei, Gentosha), was published in February 2015. Soon thereafter, she published her travel story "Pilgrimage around Spain" (Jinsei ni tsukaretara Supein junrei, Kobunsha), about her walk to Santiago de Compostela, and the picture book "Dragon of Light" (Hikari no ryū, Picture Book Juku Publishing). Her works have been translated to Korean, and a German and English translations are in process.

Lezing: New Evidence for the Common Origin of the Japanese and Korean Languages

Alexander Francis-Ratte (Furman University)
19 mei 2017, 11u in de Grote Vergaderzaal (3de verdieping, Blandijn)

Abstract: Even after more than 50 years of research, the origins of the Japanese and Korean languages remain controversial. In this presentation, we will discuss new evidence for the theory that Japanese and Korean descend from the same ancestor language, ‘proto-Korean-Japanese,’ forming a hypothetical Japano-Koreanic language family. In addition to lexical correspondences in core realms of vocabulary that build on previous comparative treatments (Martin 1966, Whitman 1985), we will discuss close and interlocking morphological correspondences between the two languages, correspondences that are unlikely to be the result of chance or later borrowing. We will show that a strong set of core correspondences can be established between the morpho-lexicon of Japanese and that of Korean. These correspondences provide a more solid basis for a proof of common origin for these two languages than has previously been possible. We will conclude with a discussion of the likely time-depth of a Japano-Koreanic language group, and the possibility of future research connecting Japano-Koreanic to other languages of Asia in a reassessment of the so-called ‘Altaic’ project.

Screening of Documentary

“True Songs” Artist performances in the wake of the 11 March 2011 disaster in Japan, inspired by Miyazawa Kenji’s “The Milky Way Railroad”
Followed by Q&A session with Professor Keijiro Suga, Meiji University 

Datum en tijdstip: maandag 20 maart 2017, 11u30
Locatie: Blandijn 160.015

Public Film Screening of the short film "Ookami ni yoroshiku" (2014)

Wednesday Dec. 7, 14u30, Blandijnberg 2, 5. floor!!!!!!!!!!Entrance: FREE
The film screening is part of the "Global Universitites Subtitling Project" (JTVA). In this project - which was guided by JTVA and Michael Hauspie - BA3 and MA students from Ghent University subtitled a Japanese short film ( during the winter term, using professional software and getting regular feedback during online conferences with Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy (Tokyo).


This project is for BA3 and Master students. More info: LINKVisit also the FACEBOOK SITE: LINK



Wanneer? 12 October 2016, 10-13:00
Waar? Meiji-Jingu, Shii-no-ma, Meiji Jingu, 1-1 Yoyogi-Kamizono-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8557
Info: Link

Film Screening "Miss Hokusai"

Waar? Strip Museum Brussel
Wanneer? Dinsdag 27.9.2016; Wij spreken af om 17u aan het station St. Pieters en nemen de trein om 17u09.
De filmvertooning is gratis.

Rakugo workshop en optreden

Workshop: vrijdag 22 juli, 16-18u, Blandijnberg 2, hoofdingang
Aanmelding via
Optreden: zaterdag 23 juli, stadhuis Gent, 16-17u30.
Aanmelding via:
RECEPTIE: Aansluitend op de rakugo show wordt voor alumni samen met de stad Gent een receptie in het stadhuis (Oostenrijks Salon) georganiseerd.

Workshop: Ondertiteling Japanse Films

Wanneer? Donderdag 19 mei, 10-13u

Waar? Computerleslokaal Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte

Workshop met Sarah Stark: Improving Your Japanese!!!

Wanneer? Donderdag 12 mei: 11u30

Waar? Blandijnberg 2, leslokaal 110.046


Anti Nuclear Movements in Japan after the Fukushima Meltdow. The film screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director as well as a roundtable discussion hosted by dr. Katrien Devolder (Oxford)

The roundtable will also be available via live streaming:

When? Monday, May 9, 13:30
Where? Media Center De Sterre (S9), Krijgslaan 281, Ghent
Press text: After "Occupy Wall Street"in New York, and before the "Umbrella Revolution" in Hong Kong, 200 thousand people surrounded the Prime Minister's office in Tokyo for an anti-nuclear demonstration. However, this incident was not reported extensively by the media and subsequently went unnoticed by the world. This documentary film captures the anti-nuclear protests in Tokyo after the Fukushima nuclear incident in March 2011. The theme of the film is the crisis that democracy faces, and the reconstruction of democracy. The film is composed of interviews with eight individuals and footage from that time. The eight people who appear include a former Prime Minister, an evacuee from Fukushima, a political activist, a shop clerk, an artist, a hospital worker, and a businessperson, both Japanese and non-Japanese. The film describes how these people from diverse backgrounds converged amidst the crisis. Video recordings cited in the film show the terrifying experiences of the nuclear disaster, anti-nuclear demonstrations, speeches, and the official meeting between activists and the Prime Minister. The videos were shot by independent citizens and uploaded to the internet. We sought permission to use footage from each person after explaining our intentions. As such, each person voluntarily provided their videos to us. A groundbreaking film created in a unique and unprecedented manner.

Organized by Dr. Mick Deneckere and Dr. Francesco Campagnola

Lezingen van prof. Steffen Doell (Universität Hamburg)

Woensdag, 20.04.2016, 10:00-11:30
"Japanese Strategies for Reading and Translating Buddhist Texts", 160.015

Donderdag, 21.04.2016, 11:30-13:00
"Landscapes, Architectures, Utopias: Sacred Spaces in East Asian Buddhism", 110.046

Lezing: In Praise of Pleasure : Aspects of the Life and Works of Jun’ichirô Tanizaki door prof. Andreas Thele (Université de Liège)

Wanneer? Donderdag 14 April,  12-13u

Waar? Blandijnberg 2, 110.046

Japanse stille films met live vertelling door Benshi Kataoka Ichirō

De films worden vertoond op 14 maart van 19 uur tot 20.30 uur

Waar: Filmzaal Plateau, Paddenhoek 3, Gent

Op het programma staan:

  • “東京行進曲”- Tōkyō Kōshinkyoku / Tokyo March (1929)
  • “血煙高田の馬場”- Chikemuri Takada no baba (1928)
  • “It's a gift” (1923)
  • “モダン怪談100,000,000円”- Modern Ghost Story 100,000,000 Yen (1929)

De toegangsprijs bedraagt 3 euro. Er is geen inschrijving vereist.

Hokkaido University - Ghent University Joint Conference Link

  • Wanneer? 29.2.-2.3.2016
  • Waar? Het Pand, Onderbergen 1 
  • For het programma zie de website van de conferentie 

European Spring Academy, in cooperation with Kyushu University, on the subject of “Challenges of Global Migration” 


Thursday 3/3

10:00               Arrival at Hotel Ibis Opera

10:30 – 12:30    Introduction +

                       Interactieve workshop “Refugees” by Elza Jeanty  (Blandijn 150.018)

12:30 – 14:00    Lunch in Studentenresto De Brug

14:00 – 17:00    Workshop on Gender and Migration: Current Trends in the European Union,

by Dr. Ladan Rahbari & Dra. Amal Miri   (Blandijn 110.022)

17:00 – 19:00    Welcome Party  (Aquarium cafeteria)


Friday 4/3

10:00 – 12:00    Group Presentations by Japanese students  (Faculteitszaal)

                       Group A: University Life, Job Hunting, The Way of Working for Japanese People

                       Group B: The History of Sweets in Japan

                       Group C: Seasonal Tastes and Japanese Foods

                       Group D: Introduction of Japanese “Yuru-Chara”

12:00 – 14:00    Lunch in Studentenresto De Brug

14:00 – 17:00    City Game led by Tomo no Kai

17:00 - …          Free time in Ghent


Saturday 5/3   City trip to Brugge 

Lectures by HOSHINO Futoshi (University of Tokyo)

  • 25.11.2015 16:00-17:30 "The Sublime and Taisho Vitalism (大正生命主義)"
  • 26.11.2015 8:30-11:30  "Japanese Aesthetics in Meiji Period (1868-1912)"
Where? Universiteit Gent, Blandijberg 2, vijfde verdieping, 9000 Ghent

Prof. Hoshino Futoshi (PhD University of Tokyo 2011) is Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo, Integrated Human Sciences Program for Cultural Diversity (IHS). He has been both a doctoral and postdoctoral fellow of the JSPS. Receivers of numerous grant-in-aids and authors of articles in Japanese, French and English spanning over philosophy, aesthetics, critical and cultural studies, history of arts and politics, he sits in the board of the Society for the Representational Studies.

Concert and workshop with the min'yo group Aco+taca  (accordeon)

Concert: Sunday, 22.11.2015 20:00, L'enfant terrible, Bij Sint-Jacobs 13 

Workshop: Monday 23.11.2015 10:00-11:30 (BA1), room 150.018

                 Monday 23.11.2015 11:30-13:00 (BA 2, 3 MA), room 110.046

Translation workshop with Luk Van Haute

Calligraphy introduction and workshop with OHTSUKA Koshiro sensei

Monday: 13:30 in room 150.018 Blandijnberg 2 (introduction) 

Monday 16:00 in room 150.018 Blandijnberg 2 (workshop)

BJA Friendship Committee - New Members Welcome

The BJA (Belgium-Japanse Association) is looking for people that are interested in organizing events, connect with people and support Japanese-Belgian friendship. If you are interested please contact: Anja Oto-Kellens – Executive Director at the BJA ; 02 644 13 33; or Arnaud Jamar – BJA Friendship Committee Chairman: and

Lezing: prof. Suzuki Shogo (University of Manchester) LINK

Filmzaal Plateau, Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid, Paddenhoek 3, Gent
15/10/2015 17:30 - 20:30


Who? KADOSAKI Taisuke (shinto priest, Meiji-shrine Tokyo)

When? 12 October, 10:00

Where? Ghent University, Blandijnberg 2, 5th floor (150.015)

IMPRESSIONS from our workshop with the European Academy in Germany and students the Japanese Todai and Korean EWHA universities in August!!!


Place: Royal Flemish Academy, Brussels

Conference Details:

Food Conference


When? Tuesday May 19 at 14:30
Where? 5th floor, Blandijnberg 2, Ghent
Everybody is welcome! Especially students that have spent a term in Kanazawa as also professor SHIMURA Megumi will be attending the opening.

Jekaterina Bält wins Belgium Japanese Speech Contest 2014 in Brussels!!!

We would like to congratulate Jekaterina Bält (Master student Japanese studies) for winning the 24th Belgium Japanese Speech Contest 2014 in the highest B category. After winning the A category some years ago, she was able to convince the jury this year with a witty and extremely funny speech on Japanese drinking habits. Her price is a return trip to Japan. See also on facebook of Japanese studies and facebook of the Japanese embassy


Tomo no Kai in de prijzen

De Tomo no Kai is op de eerste Gala avond van de studentenverenigingen erin geslaagd om met hun TOMO NO MATSURI de award voor 'meest originele activiteit in de Therminal' binnen te halen! Gefeliciteerd!!!! More photos


De afdeling in de prijzen

De Minerva-prijs voor onderwijs van de Universiteit Gent wordt in 2013 tijdens een plechtigheid uitgereikt aan de afdeling Oosterse Talen en Culturen, Japanse Taal en Cultuur Link

More pictures of the award ceremony Link

GUEST LECTURE by prof. dr. Andreas Regelsberger (Trier University): Audience in Japanese Theatre

When? 13-05-2015 van 16:00 tot 19:00

Where? Blandijnberg 2, 6th floor, lok. 160.015

Co-organization of the International Conference Food Safety and Consumer Advocacy in Japan and East Asia in the JDZB Berlin, 18-19 May

Conference Details: JDZB




GUEST LECTURE by Dr. Chantal Weber: About the Listening to Odor - The Culture of Incense in Japan

link details 

European Spring Academy, in cooperation with Kyushu University, March 2-5, 2015

Tu, March 3, 2015    

10.00 – 12.00 Dra. Marjolein Derous (Centre for EU Studies; Ghent University): ‘EU Foreign Policy: The elephant in the room’ (Blandijn, Room 150-18)

13.00 – 16.00 Japan Consulting Office: Workshop on Intercultural Communication (Blandijn, Room 120.25)

19.00 – 21.00 Spaghetti avond met Tomo no Kai (Blandijn, Cafetaria)

Wed, March 4, 2015  

10.00 – 11.30 Presentation Kyudai students (Blandijn, Room 160.15

13.00 – 16.00 Prof. Hachiya Machiko (Kyushu University): ‘Japan-EU relations - from trade partners to global partners’ (Universiteitsstraat 4, Rode Zaal)

Aanmelden via .



Rise of China and East Asia’s Security: The Evolving View from Japan

January 28, 11:00-12:00, Blandijnberg 2, 5th floor (150.018)

Many scholars have studied China’s recent acts of assertiveness, particularly since 2008 and especially in the field of maritime expansion. No nation in the world today has worked more strenuously than Japan to make sense of “China’s assertiveness.” Under the new leader Xi Jinping, China’s assertiveness has been further strengthened. It is important to note that Japan is not the only Asian nation subject to China’s strategic framing. A similar situation can be observed in China’s relations with Vietnam, the Philippines, and Taiwan, all of which are China’s neighbors with maritime zones contiguous with those of China. What explains their deteriorating relations with China? Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has in repeated occasions called for his country to take a "greater and more proactive role" in the security. Most recently, after his election win in December 2014 that made his Liberal Democratic Party and its junior coalition partner Komeito retain their two-thirds majority in the Lower House, Shinzo Abe has restated his party’s goal of reviewing the country’s pacifist constitution to expand the role of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces. Such actions by him will be carefully watched by other countries in the region, in particular China and South Korea, especially with the added symbolism that the year 2015 carries, marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. For the growing number of countries that have an increasing interest in East Asian stability, rise of China and its neighbors’ responses are key factors to understand security in East Asia. Dr. Matsuda is going to tackle this question and try to explain the implications for the European nations. 

LECTURE BY Minister Yong Ho KIM (Embassy of the Republic of Korea)

Title:  "The Korea-EU Strategic Partnership : a Korean Perspective"

When? Wednesday 3.12.2014 11:00

Where? Blandijnberg 2, 5th floor (150.018)


Title: Major Trends & Policy Goals. From Asia to the World

When? 20.11.2014, 11:00

Where? Blandijnberg 2, 5th floor (150.018)

Meeting the Japanese author TAWADA YOKO

In October we will have the unique possibility to meet the Japanese author Tawada Yoko, who - among other literary prices - was awarded the prestigious Akutagawa-price in 1993. The author will read from her work and we will read pieces of Tawada's literary work in advance and prepare questions concerning her work and translation.

When? Thursday 9 October 2014, 11:30

Where? Blandijnberg 2, 5th floor (150.018)

Link to the personal website of the author and to the complete program

Lecture: Ch'oe Chaeso's Invention of "Japanese" Literature, or How English Literature Helped a Colonial Korean Intellectual Collaborate with the Japanese Empire 

Lecturer: Prof. MIHARA Yoshiaki (Doshisha University)

When? Friday, 5 September 15:00

Where? 6.15 Blandijnberg 2

Abstract: Ch’oe Chaeso (1908-1964) was arguably the most intelligent colonial Korean intellectual that the Japanese Imperialist education system had ever produced.  Sai Zaizui, as his name was pronounced in the Japanese way, who studied English Literature at Keijo (Seoul) Imperial University, was a promising scholar of English literature in the Japanese academia, while playing the role of a leading critic and chief advocator of "Intellectualism" in the post-KAPF critical scenes in Korea.  Through his editorship of Inmun p'yongnon (1939.7 ~ 1941.4) and Kokumin Bungaku (1941.11 ~ 1945.5), he presided as a leading colonial intellectual all through the last phase of the Japanese Imperial rule, which inevitably (and, to a large extent, justifiably) gave him the name of a "collaborator".  In this talk, I would like to critically reassess, rather than simply denounce, Ch’oe Chaeso’s "collaboration" as a desperate, and in the end abortive, project of creating a space for Korean literature and criticism to survive the ever-worsening colonial conditions, given that the Japanese political as well as cultural dominance were irrevocable. His is a most significant case, I would argue, because he ceaselessly tried to theorize and re-theorize his critical position at every turn of the colonial situations, and his theoretical project of "Kokumin Bungaku" (i.e., (re-)claiming the status of Korean literature as a vital part of "Japanese literature" in a broader sense) is all the more interesting for its very abortion.  In order to analyze this theoretical project of Ch’oe Chaeso's "invention" of a new Japanese literature, a special emphasis shall be placed upon his appropriation of contemporary English critical thoughts and idioms, especially T. S. Eliot’s theory of "Tradition" and his editorship of the Criterion (1922 ~ 1939).

Rakugo Workshop met meester Hakushu in samenwerking met Inari vzw    FOTO'S

Wanneer? 18.6.2014, 17-18u30

Waar? Afdeling Japanse Taal en Cultuur, Blandijnberg 2, 6de verdieping

Aanmelding via


Thanks to a generous grant by the Academy of Korean Studies we will be able to offer two courses (5 credits each) in Korean Language and Culture (I+II) during the following academic year. Our program will thus cover the languages and cultures of India, China, Korea, and Japan. The course was a great success last year and we hope that students will also next year join classes in even greater numbers.

Lezing: 釈迦の原典を探す:近代日中仏教者の知の交流

Shaka no genten wo sagasu: kindai nitchû bukkyôsha no chi no kôryû

Wie? Prof. dr. Chen Jidong (Aoyama Gakuin)

Wanneer? Dinsdag 24.3.2014, 13u

Waar? 6de verdieping, Blandijnberg 2

KUBEC student workshop: “That charm of Japan: Reconstructing Kobe after the 1995 earthquake”

Time: 28.11.2013, 13.30 – 17.00 pm

Venue: Kobe University Brussels European Centre

Triomflaan  173  boulevard du Triomphe,Brussels


Specialist Doctoral Course Aspects of Japanese Buddhist-Shinto Syncretism with KADOYA Atsushi, 11-15.11.2013

Details and registration

Japanese Rakugo Performance (vertelkunst) with Master Shunputei Ichinosuke

Wanneer? 17 Oktober 2013, 19:00-21:00, Waar? Filmplateau, Paddenhoek, Gent

Prijs: 5 Euro (studenten 3 Euro) Informatie: Pers-link Programma

Visit Kyushu University  March 4-7  Foto's


Dindag 4/3

    • 12:30                      aankomst in Ghent Hostel De Draecke (Sint-Widostraat 11, 9000 Gent)
    • 13:30                      lunch in Het Salon (3EUR pp)
    • 14:30-17:00            lezingen in Blandijn 6.13
      • 14.30-15.30 kennismaking – interculturele communicatie door Tomo no Kai
      • 15.45-17.45 “How do we remember sport heroes?  The example of the ’32 Olympics in Los Angeles.  Japanese swimmers conquering the world.” (Prof. Dr. Andreas Niehaus)
    • 18:00                      avondeten in De Kroon (12EUR pp)
    • 20:00                      pre-drinks en verzamelen in the Q’s (Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 208)
    • 21:00                      karaoke avond

Woensdag 5/3

    • 10:00-12:00        Lezing in Blandijn 6.13 
      •  Basis introductie tot de Europese Unie (Sophany Ramaen, FOD Financiën)
    • 12.00-13.00        Lunch in cafetaria van de Blandijn
    • 13.00-16.00        Gent stadstour (Gravensteen)
    • 16.00-18.00        Vrije tijd in Gent
    • 18.00                 Spaghetti-avond in Terminal door Tomo no Kai

Inschrijvingen via lijst op deur 6.08 of via!

WORKSHOP European Academy met studenten van de Ritsumeikan Universiteit (Kyoto) Foto's

Friday 21/2

Morning Session

10:30-13 Faculty Room, Blandijnberg 2, 1st floor (above the main entrance)

Introduction to the program and “get to know” (Tomo no kai)


Afternoon session

14:30-17 room 0.013 Sint-Pietersplein 7 (Faculty of Economics)

Workshop EU and Japan positions on whaling (Elza Jeanty)


Saturday: 22/2

Morning Session

10-12 Ghent City Hall

Major Daniel Termont (city of Ghent)

Minister Yamada Yoichiro (Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan)


Afternoon Session

14-18 Visit of the city museum STAM and Gravensteen Castle in Ghent.


Sunday 23/2

Sightseeing in Bruges

Monday 24/2

Morning Session

9:30-12 Faculty Room, Blandijnberg 2, 1st floor (above the main entrance)

Lectures on EU-International relations

Ago Shinichi (Ritsumeikan University)

Bregt Saenen (Centre for EU Studies Ghent)


Afternoon Session

13-17 visit of the Volvo factory (registration necessary)

Dinner DE BRUG

Tuesday 25/2/

Morning Session

10-13 Faculty Room, Blandijnberg 2, 1st floor (above the main entrance)

Workshop on international professional communication by Japan Consulting Office, Brussels


De afdeling in de prijzen

De Minerva-prijs voor onderwijs van de Universiteit Gent wordt in 2013 tijdens een plechtigheid uitgereikt aan de afdeling Oosterse Talen en Culturen, Japanse Taal en Cultuur Link

More pictures of the award ceremony Link

International Workshop: Artistic Experimentations for a New Society - Continuities and Ruptures in Japan before and after the War

Wanneer? Maandag 23.9.2013 vanaf 14u30

Waar? Universiteit Gent, 6. verdieping Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Gent


Genta OKAMOTO:  The Spirit in Experimental Stage: Takiguchi Shūzō and Jikken Kōbō

Ayako IKENO: The Two-dimensional Objects: ‘Plastic Poem’ by Kitasono Katué



European Fall Academy Joint Seminar in Duitsland met studenten van de Tôkyô Daigaku (Tôdai) en docenten van de UGENT

Waar? Nonnenweiler, Otzenhausen, European Academy

Wanneer? 20.09. - 23.09.2014

Informatie? bij Andreas Niehaus

Aanmelding? via de Tomo no kai (Pieter Jan Saenen), de plaatsen zijn beperkt



Gastlezing: Japanse ambassadeur H.E. SAKABA Mitsuo: "Culture and Society in Japan"

Wanneer? 24.4.2013, 11-12u

Waar: Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte, Blandijnberg 2, lokaal 6.13 (Foto's)

Lezing reeks: Religion in Modern Japan

Reinoud Henkens: Shintoïsme in het hedendaagse Japan

Dr. Felix Ulombe Kaputu: Shamanism in modern Japan

Jonas Gerlach (Cologne University): Buddhist temple architecture in Tokyo.

Wanneer? 17.4.2013, 13-16u

Waar: Rozier, aud. M

Gastlezing: Dr. Imaizumi Yoshiko (Meiji Jingu International Research Centre)

"Between 'shrine' space and 'public' space: Rethinking the structure of Meiji shrine 1912-1920."

Wanneer? Maandag 25 maart, 13-14u30

Waar? leslokaal 6.13, Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte, Blandijnberg 2.

Internationalisation@home presents anime-film director:HARA KEIICHI

1. Filmvoorstelling in samenwerking met Japan Square:

'Colorful' en interview  'The role of anime and manga in times of crisis and catastrophe'

Waar? Studio Skoop, Sint-Annaplein 63, 9000 Gent

Wanneer? 12 maart, 19u30 tot 23u.

2. Workshop: Making anime

Waar? Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte, Blandijnberg 2, leslokaal 613

Wanneer? 13 maart, 16u

Reservatie verplicht

Lezing Koreaanse ambassadeur  H.E. KIM Chang-Beom op woensdag 6 maart 2013

Plaats: Het Pand (Onderbergen), oude bibliotheek

Tijd: 11-12u


Bezoek Japanse studenten van de Kyûdai op zaterdag 2 maart 2013

Info in verband met het programma bij de Tomo no kai (Foto's)


Wanneer? Zaterdag 23 februari van 10u.

Aanmelding: De plaatsen zijn beperkt!!!! Aanmelding via of

Programma en Foto's

World Campus Japan

Op maandag 12 november (12u in leslokaal 007) organiseren wij een introductie tot het programma van World Campus Japan. 

Welkom party voor japanologen to be

op 9 oktober organiseert de Tomo no kai de jaarlijkse welkom party voor de toekomstige japanologen.

Waar? Cafetaria, Blandijnberg 2

Wanneer? 20u

Literair ontbijt "FACE the BOOK"

Vanaf 1 oktober organiseren wij op maandagochtend om 9u een literair ontbijt met de titel "Face the Book" op de zesde verdieping. Gelieve voor koffie uw eigen kop mee te brengen. De eerste tekst die wij lezen is Tanizaki Junichirô "Fûten Rojin".

Tomo no kai doneert 249,78 Euro

De studentenvereniging Tomo no kai doneert 249,78 Euro aan de Emergency Relief Fund voor de slachtoffers van Fukushima 

"Ambassador's Commendation Award" for promoting cultural relations between Belgium and Japan 

Tijdens een plechtigheid in de residentie van de Japanse amabassadeur werd prof. Andreas Niehaus op 31.7.2012 voor zijn steun van de Belgisch-Japanse relaties door de Japanse ambassadeur Yokota Jun de "Ambassador's Commendation Award"  toegekend.

2. European-Japanese Joint Seminar in Duitsland met studenten van de Tôkyô Daigaku (Tôdai)

Waar? Otzenhausen, European Academy

Wanneer? 20.09. - 23.09.2012

Informatie? bij Andreas Niehaus en  Link

Aanmelding? via de Tomo no kai, de plaatsen zijn beperkt

Gastlezing Chairman Korea International Trade Association (KITA) en oud premier van Korea Dr. HAN Duck-soo

Titel: Korea: FTA Hub of East Asia

Wanneer? 26 juni, 15-16u

Locatie: Faculteitszaal, Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte, Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Gent

Abstract: In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of regional trade agreements progressing on a global scale.  Korea is no exception to this trend, having concluded 8 free trade agreements with 45 countries to date.  Trade with FTA partner countries now accounts for approximately 34% of its national trade volume.  The success of Korea’s FTA strategies can be attributed to four distinct factors: first, multiple trade agreements are pursued at the same time; second, countries with large markets have higher priority; third, agreements must be comprehensive in scope and produce maximum economic benefits; and finally, this entire process is conducted in close cooperation with the public and private sectors. Effective execution of these strategies have resulted in the implementation of two major trade agreements, the Korea-EU FTA and KORUS FTA.  Despite ongoing economic difficulties in the EU, the Korea-EU FTA opened doors for domestic products to gain global re cognition, and also for consumers to purchase quality products at lower prices, generating win-win outcomes for all involved. FTA negotiations with China have also been launched, which will soon be followed by a three-way pact between Korea, China and Japan.  If and when the trilateral FTA is concluded in addition to its existing trade agreements, Korea has immense potential to grow into a global trade hub that serves as a gateway to the vast East Asian market.  At a time of widespread economic uncertainty, Korea’s trade liberalization efforts and cooperation with its FTA partners, including the EU and US, will continue to be a major force that upholds the fundamental importance of free trade.

International Conference: Transnational Response to Catastrophe: Japanese Diaspora Communities and the March 2011 Triple Disaster

Wanneer: 22-23 juni 2012

Locatie: Faculteitszaal, Facultiet Letteren en Wijsbegeerte, Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Gent


European Spring Academy 2012 met studenten van de Ritsumeikan Universiteit Kyoto, 17 februari- 18 februari 2012

 Foto's-1 Foto's-2 - Foto's-3  

Gastlezing Ambassador of Korea to the Kingdom of Belgium H.E. AHN  Ho-Young,

Titel: "Euro-Asian Relations : Whither to go? - An Open Dialogue with the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea", woensdag 2 november, Begin 15u, Blandijnberg 2, leslokaal 613.

European Spring Academy 2012 met studenten van de Ritsumeikan Universiteit Kyoto, 17 februari- 18 februari 2012

Foto's-1Foto's-2 - Foto's-3  

De plaatsen voor het bezoek bij de HONDA zijn beperkt en deelname is slechts na aanmelding mogelijk 

Programma op vrijdag 17.2.

9u-12u bedrijfsbezoek Honda (haven Gent)

13-14 gemeenschappelijke lunch

14-17u lezingen (faculteitskamer):

Bart Rousseau (stad Gent) - Ghent, Japan and Fukushima

Tine Walravens (Universiteit Gent): The History of Japan-EU Trade Relations

Antonio Parenti (Deputy Head Trade Relations with the Far East, EU Commission): The Perspectives of an EU-Japan FTA in a Changing Regional Trade Context

18u gemeenschappelijk avondeten

Programma op zaterdag 18.2.

10u City trip Gent met Japanse studenten geleid door studenten van de Universiteit Gent

12u gemeenschappelijk lunch

14u bezoek stadsmuseum STAM

Programma op zondag 18.2.

Bezoek Brugge

Minerva Onderscheiding

Prof. Andreas Niehaus kandidaat voor de Minerva onderscheiding 2011 van de Universiteit Gent. Link  Foto's

Voorstel Programma World Campus Japan 2012

Chairman and CEO of World Campus Japan, Nishimura Hiro, komt op maandag 21 november het programma van de organisatie in 2012 voorstellen. De informatie sessie gaat door op de Blandijnberg leslokaal 613 om 11u.


Ambassador of Korea to the Kingdom of Belgium H.E. AHN  Ho-Young, Titel: "Euro-Asian Relations : Whither to go? - An Open Dialogue with the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea", woensdag 2 november, Begin 15u, Blandijnberg 2, leslokaal 613.

Initiatie-les Aikijujutsu op 4 november om 18u in het GUSB

Belangrijk: propere kleren, handen en voeten, geen sieraden, enzo.

Studiereis van het Instituut Japanse Taal en Cultuur naar Düsseldorf-Neuss

Japanse kunst: Visual Stories op 25 oktober 2011. Foto's

 Aanmelding via Tomo no kai:; informatie over de tentoonstelling bij Link

Research project voor studenten

Er bestaat nog altijd de mogelijkheid voor studenten van BA 3 en MA om deel te nemen aan het project: "The Japanese Diaspora in Belgium and the Triple Catastrophe in Fukushima 2011"; de resultaten van de interviews en enquete worden als posters gepresenteert tijdens een wetenschappelijke conferentie in Juni 2012. Informatie bij


Dinsdag 11 oktober 2011, 20u, Blandijnberg 2 Foto's 

International student seminar in Germany with students from Todai University

European Fall Academy aan de European Academy in Otzenhausen (bij Trier) van 23-25 september, Aanmelding via de Tomo no kai;, informatie over het programma bij (er zijn slechts 12 plaatsen en op dit moment is er al een wachtlijst van 5 studenten) Foto's

Lezing voor studenten in het Japans, op 20 september om 10u

Op dinsdag 20 September gaat mhr. Yokoyama M. een lezing geven over klassieke Japanse literatuur (Kotenseki) en ook originele stukken tonen. De lezing vindt plaats tussen 10u en 10u45 op de zesde verdieping, Blandijnberg 2. Bij interesse kan de tekst van de lezing worden aangevraagd bij:

Kitanodai Gagakukai Orkest Matinee in de Handelsbeurs, 20 september om 14u

(op initiatief en in samenwerking met de afdeling Japanse Talen en Culturen)

"De jaarlijkse Kaffee Zimmermann-concerten van Gent Festival worden in een nieuw kleedje gestopt… We zoeken de harmonie der sferen op, zonder de link met de westerse klassieke muziek te verliezen. Het Kitanodai Gagaku Kai Orkest bijt de spits af. Dit orkest geldt als één van de bekendste Gagaku-orkesten ter wereld. Gagaku is de oudste traditionele kunst van Japan en is met grote zorg van generatie op generatie doorgegeven. Het woord gagaku betekent ‘elegant’, ‘correct’ of ‘verfijnde muziek’. Deze ceremoniële kunstvorm wordt gekarakteriseerd door fascinerende, langzame liederen en dansbewegingen. De muziek, die vroeger aan het Japanse hof gespeeld werd, ademt dan ook verfijning, elegantie en prestige uit. Het orkest maakt gebruik van percussie, blaas- en snaarinstrumenten.. Dit wordt ongetwijfeld een wonderbaarlijke kennismaking met de rijke Japanse cultuur!"

Info: Gent Festival Van Vlaanderen

Video-conference with Japanese students on the topic of Fukushima

Our partner-university Kobe University will hold the 2nd Kobe University Brussels European Centre Symposium on 19 and 20 September at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The theme of the symposium will be "Building Safer & Resilient Society against Mega Disaster - report from Japan 3.11", sharing with you the information on the real situation in the area hit by the disaster and discussing ways to build safer and resilient society against the mega disasters. We will also organize a video conference on the 20th  at the same venue for students to exchange information on their volunteer activities at the time of the disasters.

Studenten van de Universiteit Gent krijgen het geld voor vervoer terugbetaald!!!! (Informatie over terugbetaling bij


International Workshop

"You Are What You Eat": 'Feeding Identities' in Asia, September 2-3, 2011, Department for South and East Asian Languages and Cultures, Ghent University (Blandijnberg 2, 6th floor, 9000 Ghent, Belgium) link

International Symposium Kobe University

Brussel 4 maart 2011 foto's

International Student Seminar

Glocalization: European Cities and Universities in an International Context, 23 februari 2011, leslokaal 140 Programma en Foto's 


Gastlezing Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom of Belgium H.E. YOKOTA Jun

 Titel: Where is Japan headed?, Welcome note by the rector of Ghent University Prof. dr. Paul Van Cauwenberge, Begin 14u leslokaal 140, 15u-15u30 Receptie Foto's



Gent op NHK 

A message from Ghent 1   2

Message from the mayor of Ghent

Steunactie van BA3 studentes

Japanologen WELKOM FEEST

15 oktober 2010, vanaf 19u (Aquarium), Blandijnberg 2


Bij de "20th Japanese Speech Contest in Belgium" heeft de tweede jaar studente Jekaterina Bält de eerste plaats in de A categorie behaald. Daarmee konden in de laatste vijf jaar al drie studenten van de UGent voor hun Japans de eerste prijs  van deze categorie verkrijgen.

Japanologie bekroond met ONDERWIJSPRIJS BESTE LESGEVER !

De Onderwijsonderscheiding van de Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte 2010  werd toegekend aan Prof. dr. Andreas Niehaus. "De laureaat figureert al jarenlang op de toplijst en wordt systematisch door de studenten geloofd voor zijn  zeer enthousiasmerende onderwijsstijl en zijn grote inspanningen om de didactische werkvormen te differentiëren met het oog op een optimalisatie van de leerresultaten." (Verslag Faculteitsraad dd. 09.06.2010, p. 151)

 Nihonjin no shiranai nihongo: How to write a Japanse bestseller manga.


Umino san      -     Hebizo san

Wanneer? maandag 17 mei 2010 om 12u

Waar? Blandijnberg 2, 6de verdieping, leslokaal 613


Ningyôgeki: Ako Hime

door studenten van BA3 en MA

Wanneer? 1 april 2010, 13u

Waar? leslokaal 6.10 Blandijnberg 2

Karaoke Avond - Natsukashiku omou

Wanneer? 16 maart om 19u

Waar? leslokaal 6.10 Blandijnberg 2

Mishima Yukio and the Nihon Rôman-ha

Terttu Rajala (Joensuu Universiteit, Finland)

Wanneer? dinsdag, 23 maart 2010

Waar? 16u in leslokaal 6.09

Lezing: Introductie tot Japanse architectuur

Pie Wai PANG (Kyôto Universiteit)

Wanneer? donderdag, 18 maart 2010

Waar? 13u in leslokaal 6.13

European Spring Academy 2010 met studenten van de Ritsumeikan Universiteit

Waneer? dinsdag, 23 februari 2010, 15u

Waar? Faculteitszaal Letteren en Wijsbegeerte

Lezingen door Bart Rousseau (stad Gent) en dr. Elena Atanassova-Cornelis (UGent)

20u gemeenschappelijk diner


Videolezingen (Hôsei Universiteit)

Pro patria est dum ludere videmur: Japan and the Olympic Movement.

Waar? Leslokaal 613, Blandijnberg 2

Wanneer? 26 november en 3 december 2009 om 9:00


His Excellency YOKOTA Jun, Ambassor of Japan

Recent developments in Japanese politics: A personal view.

27 november, 16u in de faculteitskamer, Blandijnberg 2.

Na de lezing nodigt het decanaat uit voor een receptie.


Dr. Christian Tagsold (Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf)

The Enigma of Japanese Stone Gardens: Meditations on the Question of Originality in the Age of Translation

Stone gardens are a popular icon for Japan. The most famous example at the Ryôan Temple in Kyôto is not only flooded by tourists, but appears also in travel advertisements, calendars or books about Zen Buddhism. Especially the connection to Zen Buddhism has added to the garden's global popularity. Many scientific analyses have tried to solve the enigma of the perfect composition of the 15 stones.

But there are other enigmas connected to the stone garden of Ryôan Temple. Why is it so popular after all and why is it seen as symbol of Zen Buddhism? To solve this riddle, theories of the translation turn are helpful. Knowledge on Japanese stone gardens has been formed, translated and retranslated between Japan and the West since the 1930s. Since then the idea of stone gardens as symbols of Zen Meditation has been developed and the gardens became extremely popular worldwide as well as within Japan. The garden has been copied around the globe: replicas exist(ed) in Brooklyn Botanical Garden as well as in Portland, or Wolfsburg. But in the end the gardens are just stones and pebbles. Leaving behind the question: how anybody could see meaning in their arrangement?

Videolezing (Deelnemen aan een les in Japan)

"Japan in World History: The Mongols are Coming (Again)!"

Dr. Ellen Van Goethem (Hôsei University)

Waar? Multimediazaal:de Sterre, gebouw S9

Wanneer? 5 november 2009, 9:00

The role of Japanese Diplomacy in today's security challenges

Tomosaburo ESAKI

First Secretary, Head of Political Division, Embassy of Japan in Belgium

Vrijdag 24 april, om 11.30 , auditorium E , Universiteitsstraat 8.

Summary of the lecture:

When we discuss today's challenges, we cannot limit ourselves to discussions on traditional security or military aspects. But we also need to address regional and global challenges. Japan which owes its prosperity to the peace and stability of the international community is committed to fulfilling its responsibility within its means and capabilities. In this context, the lecture will first focus on the situation in Asia, the most dynamically changing region in the world and will look at Japan's role in contributing to build stability in the region. The second part of the lecture will deal with Japan's recent efforts in dealing with global challenges, including climatic change, poverty in developing countries, proliferation of WMD, piracy and terrorism. Finally, the last part of the lecture will touch upon the relation between Japan and international organizations such as United Nations and NATO. By briefly mentioning various issues of common interest and explaining the way that Japan is trying to deal with those issues, the lecturer wishes to provide students with an overview of today's Japanese foreign policies and give prospects for Japan's role in addressing those regional and global challenges.


Rianu Ruxandra-Oana (Universiteit Boekarest)

-On Adverbials of Degree in Japanese (23 april, leslokaal 610, 11:30u)

-The Japanese Diminutive ko. A Typological Perspective (24 april, leslokaal 610, 10u)

Go avond (Tomo no kai en Gents Go Genootschap)

Blandijnberg 2, lokaal 610, dinsdag 31 maart 20U

Video Conferentie met japanologen in de VS (in het Japans)

25.3. om 17u in het computerleslokaal


Prof. dr. Andreas Regelsberger (Universität Trier)

"Towards an Aesthetic of Violence from Classical Theatre to Modern Horror Cinema in Japan"

25 februari, 16u, Blandijnberg 2, leslokaal 613

European Spring Academy 2009  (foto's)

Discussie met Japanse studenten van de Ritsumeikan Universiteit

Presentaties: dr. Elena Atanassova-Cornelis (Universiteit Gent), Bart Rousseau (Stad Gent)

Wanneer? 19 februari 2009 om 9.30u
Waar? Faculteitskamer (1 verdieping, faculteitskamer, Blandijnberg 2)

Discussie met studenten van de Asia Pacific University (Japan)

Maandag 16 maart om 15:30, leslokaal 610 (6de verdieping Balandijnberg)

Uitstap: Hiroshima Tentoonstelling in Antwerpen

Op: 12.11.2008

Meer informatie bij de Tomo no Kai

Tomo no Kai Activiteit:

Japanse kamermuziek: Yoshio Kurahashi, Shigehiro Shimada, Ayako Kurahashi

Rond de 18de eeuw ontstond het sankyoku of 'drie instrumenten'-repertoire dat, zoals het woord zegt, werk voor trio's promootte: koto (dertiensnarige getokkelde citer), shamisen (driesnarige langhalsluit) en shakuhachi (bamboefluit). De meeste werken werden oorspronkelijk voor luit geschreven. Pas later verschenen de citer en de bamboefluit ten tonele. 'Samenklank' is hier geen doel op zich, maar wel klanksferen: subtiliteit door de shamisen, elegantie door de koto en spiritualiteit door de shakuhachi. De drie sferen/instrumenten laten zich eerst solistisch beluisteren, om uiteindelijk elkaar te kleuren in de sankyoku-trio's.

Wanneer: Donderdag 23/10/1008, 20.00. Muzikale inleiding om 19.30.

Waar: De Bijloke Muziekcentrum Gent, Bijlokekaai 7, 9000 Gent

Japanologen WELKOM FEEST

15 oktober 2008 (foto's bij de Tomo no Kai)


met japanologie studenten van het Pomona College (California, VS) link


"Translating Japanese Soccer - Notes from the World Cup 2006"

Dr. Christian Tagsold (Universiteit Düsseldorf)

Woensdag 23 april, 10u, Blandijnberg 2, 6de verdieping, lok. 6.10


"One, or Two? Image(s) of the family in Oe Kenzaburo's A Personal Matter"

Dr. Roman Pasca (Boekarest)

Woensdag, 9 april, 10u, Blandijnberg 2, 6de verdieping, lok. 6.10


Terrtu Rajala:

"Mishima Yukio - Life and Work"

Woensdag, 5 maart 2008, 10u, 6de verdieping Blandijnberg 2

LEZING (in het Japans)

Prof. Dr. Wada Koichi, Kobe Shoin Daigaku

"Undokai no rekishi (Geschiedenis van de Japanse sport-meetings)"

Wanneer: Woensdag, 27 februari 2007, 16:00u
Waar: leslokaal 613, Blandijnberg 2, 6. verdieping

Film Avond - "Tora san"

Maandag, 25 februari 2008, 18:00u, 6de verdieping Blandijnberg


- Kennis van het Japans is vereist -

Wanneer? MAANDAG, 10 december 2006 om 18u

Waar? Blandijnberg 2, 6de verdieping


Prof. Dr. Robert Wittkamp Universiteit Kansai (Japan) link

"Japanese Travel Literature between Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

and Sugae Masumi (1754-1829)"

Wanneer: Woensdag, 21 november 2007, 11:30

Waar: leslokaal 613, Blandijnberg 2, 6. verdieping

Big in Japan

Studenten (Marlies en Kim) vertellen over hun ervaringen met World Campus in Japan

Wanneer? 8 november 2007, 19u

Waar? Blandijnberg 2, 6. verdieping (6.10)

Informatie sessie

World Campus International - Één maand in Japan

Wanneer? 5 november 2007, 12u

Waar? Blandijnberg 2, 6. verdieping (6.10)

Japanologen Welkom-Feestje en Boottocht


18 OKTOBER 2007

Vertrek 19u Zijingang (BLANDIJNBERG)


(Programma en foto's)

Wanneer? 4-5 mei 2007

Waar? Universiteit Keulen

Er zijn geen plaatsen meer vrij!!!!!


Meltem Büyükmavi (Universiteit Keulen)

Japanese Images of the 'Self' and 'Other': Representations of Asia by

the Travelling Monk Kawaguchi Ekai (1866-1945)

Wanneer: 12 maart 2007, 10:30u

Waar: Blandijnberg 2, 6de verdieping

Film in Brussel

Tokyo Chorus van Ozu Yasujiro

Waar? Centre of Fine Arts

Wanneer? 1 maart 2007, 20u

Vertrek (trein): 19.01u St. Pieters


Informatie sessie

World Campus International - Een kans om naar Japan te kunnen gaan?

Wanneer? 22 februari 2007, 11u

Waar? Blandijnberg 2, 6. verdieping (6.10)


- Kennis van het Japans is vereist -

Wanneer? 13. december 2006 om 19u

Waar? Blandijnberg 2, 6de verdieping


Dr. habil. Uta Schaffers (Universiteit Gent/ Universiteit Keulen)

Images of the 'Other' - Western Perception of Japan in Literature and Art

Wanneer: 7 december 2006, 16:30u

Waar: Blandijnberg 2, 6de verdieping


10 OCTOBER 2006



1. Paradoxes of author-text relation in selected essays by Mishima Yukio

Terttu Rajala (Joensuu Universiteit, Finland)

Wanneer? Maandag 15 mei 2006, 17:00u-19:00u

Waar? 6de verdieping, Blandijnberg 2

2. "The bamboos of emptiness". History and aesthetics of Japanese ink-painting

Terttu Rajala (Joensuu Universiteit, Finland)

Wanneer: Donderdag 18 mei 2006, 10:00-11:30u

Waar: 6de verdieping, Blandijnberg 2


- Kennis van het Japans is vereist -

Wanneer? 27 april 2006 om 19u

Waar? Blandijnberg 2, 6de verdieping



Dra. Daniela Lieb (Universiteit Keulen)

Waar? Leskokaal 6.10 (Blandijnberg 2, 6de verdieping)

Wanneer? Donderdag 23 maart 2006, 10-11u


Makiko Goto (koto) en Jeremias Schwazer (blokfluit)

Waar? LOGOS, Bomastraat 26-28

Wanneer? Donderdag 16 maart 2006 om 20u

Vertrek: 19:30u Vrijdagsmarkt



Harima Nanami en Marc Herremans van de Japanse Ambassade (Brussel)

(na de presentatie wordt er informatie gegeven over beurzen voor Japan)

Waar? Leslokaal 6.10 (Blandijnberg 2, 6de verdieping)

Wanneer? 23 februari 2006, 11-13u




21 NOVEMBER 2005




11 OCTOBER 2005