Organized conferences, workshops and exhibitions


  • 16.  International Conference of the European Association for Japanese Studies  (24.-28. August)
  • Co-curator of the photo exhibition The Other Japan, August-September 2021, Vandenhove Paviljoen.


  • International Workshop Challenging Olympic Narratives in Japan, Ghent (19.-20.12.) Link
  • International Workshop: Japanese body culture and sport in textual and visual representations (20.-21.2.) Link


  • Annual Conference of the Martal Arts and Martial Sports Committee of the German Association of Sport Studies (dvs), topic: Experiencing, Training and Thinking the Body in Martial Arts and Martial Sports, (15.-17.11.) Link
  • Tohoku-Ghent Graduate Student Workshop: Bodies and Knowledge across Borders. (13.3.-15.3.) Link
  • International Hasekura League Conference. 3.11: Disaster and Trauma in Experience, Understanding, and Imagination (12.-13.3.) Link

  • International Workshop: Cultivating the Body - Martial Arts and Sports as Physical Education (19.2.2018) Link
  • Kanazawa-Ghent Young Researcher Workshop (6.2.2018)


  • 3. Jahrestagung der Kulturwissenschaftlichen Vereinigung: Bodies in Motion. (FWO funded) 16-18.11., Ghent Link
  • Paradigms of Change in Modernising Asia and America, 13.-14.9. (FWO and Fulbright funded, together with Francesco Campagnola) Link
  • Summer workshop for art students from Kanazawa University: Flemish Art. 11.-12.9.


  • Olympic Legacies: From Antwerp (1920)-Tokyo (2020). Meiji Jingu, Intercultural Research Institute 1-1 Yoyogi Kamizono-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 12.10. Program of the Royal State Mission to Japan. Link
  • Hokudai Days Ghent: Connecting Japan and Belgium, Ghent, Het Pand, 29.2.-2-3. Link


  • International Conference: Emotionalizing the Nation: Conflicting Food Identities in Japan. Royal Flemish Academy, Brussels, 1.-3.7. (Sponsored by The Japan Foundation and FWO, organized together with Tine Walravens) Link


  • International student seminar: 6th European Spring Academy. Ghent University ‑ Ritsumeikan, Ghent, 21-25.2 (internationalisation@home). Programma en foto's


  • Doctoral Workshop (one week) with KADOYA Atsushi on The Characteristics of Syncretism - A Critical Approach to Shintoism and Buddhism in Japan(with financial support from The Japan Foundation and Ghent University Doctoral School of Arts, Humanities and Law), Ghent, Het Pand, 12-18 November.
  • Workshop "Making Anime" en organisatie van filmpresentatie en interview met anime regisseur HARA Keiichi, Ghent University, 12.3.-13.3. (internationalisation@home)
  • International student seminar: 5th European Spring Academy. Ghent University ‑ Ritsumeikan, Ghent, 21-24.2.


  • International Conference: The Reaction of the Japanese Diaspora on the triple catastrophe in March 2011. (together with Christian Tagsold), 22-23.6. (Japan Foundation financed conference)
  • International student seminar: Ghent University ‑ Ritsumeikan European Spring Academy, Ghent, 17-18.2. (internationalisation@home)



  • International student seminar: Ghent University ‑ Ritsumeikan European Spring Academy, Ghent, 23.2.


  • International Conference: Remembering the Glory Days of the Nation: Sport as lieu de memoire in Japan, 18- 20.3. 2009, Royal Flemish Academy, Brussel samen met Christian Tagsold (Japan Foundation, FWO and Royal Flemish Academy financed conference)
  • International student seminar: Ghent University ‑ Ritsumeikan European Spring Academy, Ghent, 19.2.