Research Group: East Asian Culture in perspective

East Asian Culture in Perspective: Identity - Historical Consciousness - Modernity

The last decades of global experience have witnessed the domination of two apparently contradictory tendencies: on the one hand, a process of globalization and concentration of capital on a new, very abstract level far beyond immediate experience; on the other, the decentralization of production and politics accompanied by the emergence of a great number of new social formations, movements, parties and sub-cultures, aiming at rescuing human agency in the name of historical contingency. The uncertainty concerning the nature of modern life and society, engendered by this development, has arguably manifested itself most prominently in the postmodern and postcolonial critique of “grand narratives” and “Eurocentric” or “hegemonic” standpoints and conceptions of historical change, the emphasis on national identity, on cultural diversity, and so on. These developments are reflected also in paradigmatic shifts of the scholarly discourse about Asia, and they have changed especially the terrain of Asian studies to a degree, that can impossibly be neglected or ignored. The research group, ‘Culture in Perspective: Identity – Historical Consciousness – Modernity’, has been established in order to cope with these above developments and to create a space where it is possible to engage with them in a profound and scholarly fashion. This includes the investigation of the cultural and historical roots of modern Asian societies as well the historical consciousness of modern societies. The research group also lays particular emphasis on the history of interaction and exchange in the Asian world.

Within the horizon of our department, with its long tradition of philology-based cultural and religious studies, the newly established research group,  East Asian Culture in Perspective: Identity – Historical Consciousness – Modernity’, aims at complementing the research group, ‘Buddhist and Jain traditions in South and East Asia’, by embedding theoretically and putting into perspective such established notions as history, culture, tradition, or that of “the classical”. Moreover, such re-conceptualization shall also help to overcome the particular conceptual shortcomings and blind spots that have resulted from the abovementioned paradigmatic shifts in the intellectual and scholarly debates in and about Asia.

The research group 'East Asian Culture in Perspective: Identity - Historical Consciousness - Modernity' is attachted to the administrative unit of the Department of South and East Asian Languages and Cultures. Link