Feeding Identities in Asia




International Workshop: "You Are What You Eat": 'Feeding Identities' in Asia,  2.-3.9.

Department for South and East Asian Languages and Cultures, Ghent University

(Blandijnberg 2, 6th floor, 9000 Ghent, Belgium)



Friday 2.9.

18:00 Welcome note

18:15 Keynote: Uta Schaffers (University of Koblenz): Becoming 'the Other' while Eating: Glimpses on the Discourse of Anthropophagy in the 18th and 19th Century.

19:15 Reception

Saturday 3.9.

10:00 Eva De Clercq (Ghent University): You are when you eat: on the Jain prohibition of eating after dark.

10:20 Ann Heirman, Tom De Rauw (Ghent University): Offenders, Sinners and Criminals: The Consumption of Forbidden Food.



12:00 Ellen Van Goethem (Kyûshû University): Whence to food came: Inscribed wooden tablets and transportation in 8th-century Japan.

12:20 Andreas Niehaus (Ghent University): Disciplining Desire: Attaining Long Life through Taoist Food Regulations in Early Modern Japan.

12:40 Christian Tagsold (Düsseldorf University): Is it 'Un-Japanese' to have Diabetes?

13:00 Discussion and closing remarks

14:00 Lunch

Discussant: Niko Besnier, University of Amsterdam Link

Organizer: Andreas Niehaus

Registration: andreas.niehaus@ugent.be